Monday, 5 March 2012

Why does this blog exist?

I am currently writing the first book of what I hope will eventually become a trilogy. I am doing this for several reasons. Firstly because I have always loved reading fantasy novels and also watching them come to life on the screen (although I am never usually satisfied by the film makers interpretation of the literature I so love, as you may find out when I begin discussing my favourite books and analysing the merit of the subsequent dramatisations of said books.) Secondly, because I have a passion for writing which began at an early age, but my third reason for wanting to start a career as a professional writer is probably the whats pushing the keys on my laptop down hardest: I've graduated from university with no career prospects, struggling to enter the world of performing arts. This project is my way of seeing to all these passions and containing my frustration at the economic state this country is in presently.

This blog therefore, is my way of discovering and understanding what exactly my favourite fantasy novels and films have within them that make them so exciting and successful. I'm hoping this will enable me to create characters and plot that stand up to these greats and perhaps make my work more publishable.

This blog is therefore about 90% selfish...but then, whos isn't???

I would love it however, if I inspire a few others to delve into books, (a hobby which is sadly declined during our generation, and is rarely considered something cool to do) particularly the fantastical because lets face it, we all need an escape from reality now and then. A bit of adventure, action, romance, mystery, anything at all before bed is a necessity for me in this dreary world of rules and regulations and I hope I can persuade others to feel the same. 


  1. an awesome kick off to a blog, and i would agree most blogs are about 90% selfish lol. looking forward to seeing your views on some of the classic fantasy novels/films and some fantasy novels/films that most people have not heared off. and you never know i may end up reading a book, but most likey i will jut watch the film and reveiw it lol. great blog and waiting for more.

  2. YAY! Michelles writing a blog. Congrats and all that, welcome to the world of geeky computer blogging.

    p.s wanna do a bet? first to 100,000 hits buys the other a bottle of Rum and a box of beer :)

    P.s if you don't respond to this that automatically means you have agreed to the bet and I will be expecting my reward come the 100,000 mark.

    Love you